Young India Adhikar March, February 7, 2019

Join the Young India Adhikar March on 7th February

from Lal Qila to Parliament Street, New Delhi!

Representatives of Student and youth organisations from all over the country met in JNU, Delhi on December 27, and decided to form a platform, the ‘Young India National Coordination Committee’ to fight the anti-student and anti-youth policies of the Modi Government. They decided to organise a Young India Adhikar March in Delhi on February 7. The statement issued by them says:

“The last five years of Modi regime has seen systematic destruction of public funded school and higher education, massive budgetary cut in education and brazen misuse of power to benefit private educational institutions (Jio University model). On the other hand, while unemployment has skyrocketed, they have only tried to feed the youth with fake propaganda and fill them with communal hatred. Students and Youth across the country have organised brave movements to fight back against these sinister and divisive policies of the government since its initial days. As the Lok Sabha elections approaches near, it is imperative to unite in order to install the student–youth agendas at the heart of national politics. With this intention, student–youth movements, union members and organisations from across the country have come together and formed a Young India National Coordination Committee (YINCC). We will reach out to the student and youth in every corner of our country and bring them to flood the streets of Delhi on 7th February and ensure that education and dignified employment becomes the biggest agenda of the 2019 Loksabha elections.”

StudentYouth Charter of Demands:

  • Fulfill All Vacant Positions in All Departments before 2019 Elections; End Contractualisation of Jobs!

  • End the Regime of Paper Leaks and Corruption in Every Recruitment Exam!

  • Right to dignified employment should be recognised as fundamental right! Ensure unemployment benefit at least at the rate of minimum wages (Rs 18,000 per month).

  • Stop Scuttling Reservations; Guarantee Reservations for Socially Deprived Sections in Private Sector as Well!

  • The Private Sector Must Be Held Accountable to Stop Rampant Harassment and Firing of Employees!

  • Stop the Policy of School Closure in the Name of Merging; Develop the Nearest Government Schools into Neighborhood Schools Open to All Children in the Neighbourhood, and Improve their Quality, to Ensure Universal Enrolment and Universal School Education till Class 12!

  • Stop Destroying Public Funded Education!

  • Open 100 new Central Universities with proper infrastructure;

  • Spend at least 10 % of the GDP on Education!

  • Roll Back Policies like Graded Autonomy, Institute of Eminence and HEFA Which Only Push Commercialisation and High Fee Structure in Education!

  • Scholarship / Fellowship should be recognised as a right. Ensure proper scholarships / fellowships for all.

  • End Gender Discriminatory Rules in Universities; Establish Gender Just Anti-Sexual Harassment Cells in All Campuses and Work Places!

  • Waive off All Student Loans Unconditionally.

  • End Institutionalised Discrimination. Enact Rohith Act!

  • Withdraw all Politically Motivated Charges against Student Actvists in Campuses!

  • Restore Democratically Elected Student Unions in All Campuses across the Country.

Issued by:

  • Young India National Coordination Committee

Facebook Page:


  • Twitter Handle: @YoungIndiaMarch ;

  • Contact: 7042952053, 9968787242

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