Remembering Bertolt Brecht

Remembering Bertolt Brecht Bertolt Brecht the playwright appears to have overshadowed his other artistic identities nearly completely, though, in truth, Brecht wore more creative hats than most other artists of his time. He was a theatre-producer, essayist, critic, novelist, short-story writer, drama theorist and film-script writer. And, above all, he was a poet. Indeed, Brecht…


Trump: Emulating Hitler

Trump: Emulating Hitler The events of recent days in Venezuela corroborate, for the umpteenth time but now with total brazenness, Washington’s intention to seize that country by establishing a neocolonial protectorate there at any price. John Bolton’s press conference on April 30 attests to what we have said. A serial liar, he acted and spoke…


Shadow of Fascism

Shadow of Fascism In its attack on civil liberties, its restructuring of the State to effect an acute centralisation of power, and its pervasive purveyance of fear, the Modi years resemble Indira Gandhi’s Emergency. But the resemblance stops there. In fact the two differ fundamentally in several ways.   First, there were no lynch mobs,…