Crony Capitalism


Modinomics = Corporatonomics Part III

Modinomics = Corporatonomics Part III: Modi’s Budgets and the Social Sectors In the previous four issues of Janata, we first published two articles on Modinomics = Falsonomics, and then in the next two articles, we have analysed Modinomics. We have shown that the Modi Government, if it wants, can raise enough resources to increase its…


Modinomics = Corporatonomics Part II

Modinomics = Corporatonomics Part II: Budgets and Agriculture In the previous part of this article, we had shown that the government, if it wants, can raise enough resources to implement a whole slew of welfare measures. But instead of doing that, it is more interested in giving away huge subsidies to the tune of several…


Modinomics = Corporatonomics: Part I

Modinomics = Corporatonomics: Part I Ever since the Congress released its manifesto promising to implement a scheme, NYAY, under which it would guarantee a transfer of Rs 72,000 per year or Rs 6,000 per month to the poorest 20% of India’s households, the BJP has gone to town claiming that the scheme is not practical,…