Climate Change


Students from 1,600 Cities Protest Climate Change

Students from 1,600 Cities Protest Climate Change Hundreds of thousands of students around the world walked out of their schools and colleges Friday in the latest in a series of strikes urging action to address the climate crisis. According to event organisers Fridays for Future, over 1664 cities across 125 countries registered strike actions, with…


Youth Strike Once Again Globally

Youth Strike Once Again Globally People in more than 100 countries are expected to take part in well over 1,000 strikes on Friday, May 24 to demand climate action from their governments.   Two months after what was reportedly the largest international climate demonstration ever, young people around the world are expected to make history…


Capitalism Has Failed—What Next?

Capitalism Has Failed—What Next? Less than two decades into the twenty-first century, it is evident that capitalism has failed as a social system. The world is mired in economic stagnation, financialisation, and the most extreme inequality in human history, accompanied by mass unemployment and underemployment, precariousness, poverty, hunger, wasted output and lives, and what at…


One Million Species Face Extinction: UN Report

One Million Species Face Extinction: UN Report Nearly one million species risk becoming extinct within decades while current efforts to conserve the earth’s resources will likely fail if radical action is not taken, says a major UN report on the impact of humans on nature.   Speaking in Paris at the launch of the 2019…


Climate Catastrophe and Extinction Rebellion

Climate Catastrophe and Extinction Rebellion The British-based group Extinction Rebellion has called for nonviolent acts of civil disobedience on April 15 (2019) in capitals around the world to reverse our “one-way track to extinction.” This talk was given by Paul Street in Chicago, USA, some days ago in the background of this global call for…


Youth Climate Strike Friday, March 15, 2019

Youth Climate Strike Friday, March 15, 2019 In a most inspiring development, hundreds of Youth Climate Strike groups have appeared around the world after Greta Thunberg‘s courageous one-person protest in Sweden caught fire. They have called for a global Youth Climate Strike on March 15th. Below we reproduce the mission statement and demands of the…


‘United We Will Rise’

‘United We Will Rise’ This year, the world is witnessing one of the biggest youth-driven social movements of all time.   Tens of thousands of children and teenagers have already walked out of school in protest against the alarming lack of immediate action being taken against climate change.   And now, climate strikers have published…

शेतकऱ्यांचा लढा हा आपलाही लढा आहे!

दिल्लीत सुरु असलेल्या शेतकरी आंदोलनाच्या पार्श्वभूमीवर या लहान पुस्तिकेचे प्रकाशन लोकायत मार्फत करण्यात आले आहे. शेतकरी आंदोलन आणि त्यातल्या मागण्या या केवळ शेतकऱ्यांपुरत्याच नसून विविध अंगांनी सर्व सामान्य जनतेच्या हिताच्या आहेत, याबाबत मांडणी करणारी ही पुस्तिका!