Modinomics = Corporatonomics Part II

Modinomics = Corporatonomics Part II: Budgets and Agriculture In the previous part of this article, we had shown that the government, if it wants, can raise enough resources to implement a whole slew of welfare measures. But instead of doing that, it is more interested in giving away huge subsidies to the tune of several…


Agroecology and the Fight Against Deadly Capitalist Agriculture

Agroecology and the Fight Against Deadly Capitalist Agriculture Food and agriculture across the world is in crisis. Food is becoming denutrified and unhealthy and diets less diverse. There is a loss of biodiversity, which threatens food security, soils are being degraded, water sources polluted and depleted and smallholder farmers, so vital to global food production,…


Manifesto of Indian Farmers

Manifesto of Indian Farmers   Adopted by an assembly representing the farmers of India on the occasion of the historic Kisan Mukti March organised by the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee, Delhi, 30 November 2018.   We, The Farmers of India, The producers of primary agricultural commodities; including women, dalit, nomadic and adivasi farmers;…