Appeal for Support for Rehabilitation of Kerala flood victims



Dear All,

We at Lokayat are closely associated with Yusuf Meherally Centre, and I (Neeraj Jain) am a member of the Managing Committee. YMC has begun flood relief work for the victims of Kerala floods, and activists have already reached there to render help. This is to appeal to you to contribute generously to our efforts to provide long term relief for the Kerala flood victims. The appeal issued on behalf of YMC is pasted below.

Yusuf Meherally Centre

  1. Appeal for Support for Rehabilitation of Kerala Flood Victims

This is an urgent appeal to help the victims of sudden and severe floods in Kerala. The scale and impact of the tragedy has caused a sense of helplessness. Floods are a regular feature of Kerala but this year these are unprecedented in their intensity. They reminds one of the catastrophe of the 2008 flood in North Bihar. Given the urgency, individuals and organizations, small or big, have joined hands in collecting money and usables to supplement what the state is doing. Yusuf Meherally Centre is devising long-term strategies of relief and rehabilitation so that our interventions are meaningful and effective.

As you may already know, Yusuf Meherally Centre has experience of disaster relief work in different places such as Gujrat, Tamilnadu, Bihar, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir. Relief work has been done depending on the nature of disaster, and has included distributing dry ration, clothing, medicines, tarpaulin, etc. After providing initial and much needed immediate relief, we also plan to engage in medium to long term work, whereby we plan to help vulnerable families with repair and reconstruction of homes, toilets, etc. and also provide them with livelihood sources such as cattle sheds, poultry shelters, etc.

We will set up a camp in Alappuzha district and are trying to build a coalition of groups for this work. We will keep you posted of the work that we are undertaking.

We seek your support for this humanitarian work. We earnestly appeal to you contribute whatever small or large amount of money is possible for you for this rehabilitation work. We also need doctors, plumbers, artisans, electricians etc. as volunteers.
You can send in your contribution to the following account number:

Account Name : Yusuf Meherally Centre

Current A/C No.  100904180002460

Bank : SVC Co Operative Bank,

Branch : Sleater Road

IFSC code No. SVCB0000009

For more details contact : 
Chandramohan Nair 09004344783 /  Anil Hebbar 09820064178 /  Guddi 07738082170

Statement issued on behalf of: 

G.G. Parikh    Haresh Shah    Mateen Diwan    Vijaya Chauhan

Usha Shah       Madhu Mohite       Narendra Patwardhan

Chandramohan Nair    Guddi       Anil Hebbar

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