Constitution Awareness "sanvidhan jaagar abhiyan"

The Constitution of India is an embodiment of the values that inspired the people who participated in our freedom movement – liberty, equality, justice and fraternity. Inculcating these values in society is true nationalism. Citizens must also be aware our fundamental rights and directive principles of state policy. We campaign extensively on this issue. We have performed street plays and songs, convinced people to put up posters, stickers about fundamental duties on their house doors, organised many rallies, workshops and talks in the city on this issue. This is an ongoing campaign.

Campaign on Unemployment

Unemployment is one of the biggest economic problems that we are facing and no government seems to be solving this problem. But there are many myths about its causes- such as population, migrant labour, reservation policies etc. We have published a booklet that explodes these myths and exposes the real causes and discusses certain immediate solutions. We organise workshops to understand this issue in detail and carry out street campaigns taking out analysis to the masses, especially students and young job seekers.

Campaign on National Integration

It is essential to uphold the values of fraternity among various communities. We carry out various cultural activities to promote national integration, such as public celebration of Eid and Holi and street song performances.

Abhivyakti campaigns

Black is Beautiful 

This is our ongoing campaign against the racist
prejudice against dark skin which is prevalent in our country and its
accentuation by the film and advertising industry. We carry out street
campaigns and social media campaigns to promote the value that everyone
is beautiful, whether they are dark or fair, fat or thin. This assertion
of our inherent beauty is getting great response. 

Gender sensitization workshops

Even today, in the 21st century, the status of women is still that of
second class citizens. The recent spate of increasingly brutal violence
against women, even little children has revealed this starkly. We live
in a highly patriarchal society and  social conditioning makes us
insensitive to this reality. We carry out gender sensitization workshops
in various colleges to sensitize young students about it. These
discussions are great eye openers for both boys and girls and lay the
foundation for a more gender equal society. 

Family Counselling Centre   
Abhivyakti has started a free family counselling center in Wadarwadi in
a room provided free of cost by local people. Our activists who are
lawyers, along with law students provide free legal counsel to residents
of the area.

Cultural Campaigns

On the occasions of birth anniversaries (Jayanti) of great social
reformers and freedom fighters like Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Annabhau
Sathe, Savitribai and Jyotiba Phule. Nowadays, these occasions have
become instruments of caste identity politics and in some places
degenerated into exhibitions of DJ’s and speaker systems. We counter
this culturally by performing songs and plays about the life and
ideologies of these reformers and appeal to people to organize and
promote those ideas today.