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Newsletter for November, 2020

NEWSLETTER November 2020 LOKAYAT – forum for new world! A very happy new year to you. 2020 was a year of challenges and protests. For our dreams for an even beautiful world for all, we welcome 2021 with all our energies. November 2020. Smoke rises from the latest volley of assaults on the workers and…

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Newsletter for October, 2020

NEWSLETTER October 2020 LOKAYAT – forum for new world! All of us have witnessed unprecedented attacks on our Constitutional values, especially democracy and secularism, and on the livelihoods of people, by the ruling fascist regime at the Centre over the past few months, taking advantage of the Corona pandemic. In order to launch a concerted…

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Newsletter for June, July and August 2020

NEWSLETTER June, July and August 2020 LOKAYAT – forum for new world! All of us have witnessed unprecedented attacks on India’s democracy and people in the past few months.  As part of the nationwide struggle to protect our democracy and Constitutional values, and for a pro-people economic policy agenda, we conducted 18 campaigns, and more…

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Newsletter for September 2020

NEWSLETTER September 2020 LOKAYAT – forum for new world! The Modi-led BJP government at the Centre has been taking advantage of the lockdown to trample upon Constitutional freedoms and accelerate its anti-people policies. The month of September saw protests across the country on the growing fascist offensive, as well economic issues like worsening unemployment and…


Catastrophe Capitalism: Climate Change, COVID-19, and Economic Crisis

  John Bellamy Foster interviewed by Farooque Chowdhury   [In the backdrop of the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, John Bellamy Foster, editor of Monthly Review, the famous socialist magazine, discusses the pandemic in relation to the present condition of capitalism and economic crisis in the following interview conducted by Farooque Chowdhury in late-March, 2020.]   Farooque…


Reassurance That Isn’t

Reassurance That Isn’t Commenting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s victory speech, The Indian Express wrote: “In his speech in Central Hall in Parliament on Saturday, the first after being elected leader of the BJP-led NDA, Prime Minister Narendra Modi struck a heartening note of magnanimity. Among other things, he said the new government would make…

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Is This My Vote?

Is This My Vote? Electronic voting machines (EVMs) are magic machines that convert candidates into representatives. This magic depends on the number of votes counted on the EVM as having been cast in favour of a candidate. Candidates and people accepting the EVM count as a representation of the people’s mandate depends on their trust…

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Gandhi’s Last Message

Gandhi’s Last Message Gandhi . . . had wanted to avoid the country’s partition. Failing in that, he engaged himself in preventing the division of hearts, emphasising that even as the country had been divided, the hearts must not be divided. Also knowing that if the hearts had not been divided, the country could never…

शेतकऱ्यांचा लढा हा आपलाही लढा आहे!

दिल्लीत सुरु असलेल्या शेतकरी आंदोलनाच्या पार्श्वभूमीवर या लहान पुस्तिकेचे प्रकाशन लोकायत मार्फत करण्यात आले आहे. शेतकरी आंदोलन आणि त्यातल्या मागण्या या केवळ शेतकऱ्यांपुरत्याच नसून विविध अंगांनी सर्व सामान्य जनतेच्या हिताच्या आहेत, याबाबत मांडणी करणारी ही पुस्तिका!