Economic Inequality and Crisis
Rationing & Healthcare System Issues
Reject National Education Policy 2020
Dalit Lives Matter
Hathras Protests & Gender Sensitization
Promoting Peace & Communal Harmony
Strengthening Constitutional Values
Environmental Issues
Gender Justice
Black is Beautiful


Lokayat is a fast growing self-funded group of socialist activists based in Pune. We create awareness and organize common people, especially students and youth, on a wide range of issues, including the serious crisis facing Indian society due to the twin dangers of fascism and globalization, the deepening economic crisis, the growing communal divide, caste inequality and gender inequality, the worsening environmental crisis that is threatening the very survival of life on Earth etc.
All our expenses are met through contributions by our activists who contribute every month from their salaries. For bigger programs, we raise funds from our well-wishers across the country.
We organize a wide range of programs on streets, in slums, in schools & colleges and just about any busy corners all across the city.
With the growth of fascist forces in the country, followed by the BJP coming to power in 2014 at the Centre, we decided to align with the Janat Dal (Secular) in an attempt to bring progressive forces together to fight the growing crisis gripping Indian society and politics. We are also playing a key role in the initiative launched by Dr G.G. Parekh, Bhai Vaidya, Dr Sunilam and others to bring together socialist/left/progressive groups under the banner of 'We the Socialist Institutions'.


We organise numerous public talks by eminent activists and intellectuals. We also organise many cultural programs.

Our Recent Activities!

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We publish booklets in Marathi, English and Hindi on numerous social and economic issues.​

सरकार खरंच गरीब आहे का?

सरकार कशाप्रकारे जनतेवरील खर्च कमी करत आहे आणि उद्योगपतींच्या खिश्यात, याचे विश्लेषण आहे.

The Employment Crisis

Booklet that breaks arguments of population, affirmative action and lack of skill etc. which justify unemployment.

India Becoming colony again

In the name of globalization, foreign brigands are being invited back into the country. This booklet is an overview of the post-liberalisation policies and how they are instrumental in selling out the country again.

अपना भविष्य भारतीय संविधान

An important booklet at a time when fascist forces are threatening the very Constitution of the country.

Globalization or Recolonization?

Book which breaks common beliefs of globalization and how it leads to so called "Development" of country.


We work in alliance with Janata Trust which publishes 'Janata Weekly' - India's oldest Socialist Weekly (since 1946)
For Latest Janata Articles Visit​​


पेट्रोल-डिझेल-गॅस दरवाढ रद्द करा!

महागाईवरील मराठी पत्रक

Black is Beaultiful

मराठी पत्रक - ब्लॅक ईज़ ब्युटिफुल - मी जशी आहे, तशी सुंदर आहे!

शेतकरी आंदोलनाला समर्थन द्या!

मराठी पत्रक

बेरोजगारी... पर्याय आहेत!

मराठी पत्रक
We publish and circulate thousands of copies of these pamphlets in our campaigns. Feel free to download and use them.​

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Lokayat is group of Social Activists based in Pune. We work on organizing people for various social, political, economic and environmental issues.

We meet every Sunday from 5 to 7:30 pm
"Lokayat Hall, Opposite Syndicate Bank, Law College Road, Near Nal Stop, Pune-4".
You are most welcome to join us in our meetings!

शेतकऱ्यांचा लढा हा आपलाही लढा आहे!

दिल्लीत सुरु असलेल्या शेतकरी आंदोलनाच्या पार्श्वभूमीवर या लहान पुस्तिकेचे प्रकाशन लोकायत मार्फत करण्यात आले आहे. शेतकरी आंदोलन आणि त्यातल्या मागण्या या केवळ शेतकऱ्यांपुरत्याच नसून विविध अंगांनी सर्व सामान्य जनतेच्या हिताच्या आहेत, याबाबत मांडणी करणारी ही पुस्तिका!