Welcome to Lokayat!

Lokayat is an activist group based in Pune, India. We organise numerous activities, including public awareness campaigns, seminars, film screenings, cultural programs and protest rallies-dharnas, on various social-cultural-economic-political issues. The aim is to reach out to common people, especially students and youth, make them critically question all that is happening around us, create the spirit that society can be changed through collective action, motivate them to take some time out of their daily routines for social causes, and thereby build up a people's movement.

Such small initiatives and movements are taking place all over the country. We believe that in the future, these small movements will unite to build a countrywide mass movement that will challenge the neo-liberal policies being implemented in the country by our ruling classes, whose sole purpose is the profit maximisation of giant corporations, both foreign and Indian.

We strongly believe that a united people can build a different kind of society, where economic activity is organised not for profit making, but for meeting the needs of people to lead decent, fulfilling, secure and to the extent possible, creative lives. Building such a society is not only more just, more beautiful, but is also more necessary – as the present path of development that is being pursued by most countries around the world has brought us into a global environmental crisis that threatens the very existence of human civilisation! People today have actually no option but to challenge the way our socio-economic system works... but unfortunately, because of corporate control over the media, they are not even aware of this crisis.

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  • Abhivyakti

    Abhivyakti is the women's wing of Lokayat. Even in the twenty-first century, the position of women in society remains secondary. Women are still confined to age old gender roles. Under the onslaught of globalisation, the exploitation of women has taken new forms, many of them worse than the old forms.

    That is why the need for an independent women's wing is felt. We understand that the roots of women's enslavement are social and have to be fought at a social level. Abhvyakti is the platform which we use to spread awareness and organise people to fight against the social causes of the problems faced by women today.

    We do this work via programmes in colleges, documentary shows, street campaigns and street plays like Mulgi Zali Ho (of which we have done more than 150 shows) and Ek Nayi Shuruat. Similarly we mobilise the youth to protest against the crimes against women.

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  • Cultural Wing

    We believe that art and culture, are the most effective media to reach people. However, it is seen that today, art, music, culture is being used only as a commodity by the corporate media, to make profits. Therefore we must use these forms, not for profit, but to serve the cause of society, by spreading awareness and awakening.

    Lokayat's cultural wing uses forms like songs and street plays to spread awareness about the issues that we work on, among the common people.